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Stove Top Espresso Maker Instructions Manual

Stove Top Espresso Maker Instructions Manual
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Synopsis: Make great tasting espresso on a stovetop espresso maker. Step-by-Step instructions and manuals on how to use stove top moka express coffee makers.

How to use stove top moka express espresso makers:

1. Remove the top part of the espresso maker.

2. Remove the filter funnel insert

3. Fill the lower part of the stove top espresso maker with cold fresh water.

Do not fill past the safety valve!

4. Fill the filter funnel with coarse ground (not espresso fine or you might get a leak) espresso coffee. You can also use a medium blend to make a milder tasting coffee for breakfast.  Experiment with the degree of your grind for different taste characteristics.

5. Put the filter funnel back into the lower part of the espresso maker.

6. Screw the top part back onto the lower part firmly (don't force).

7. Place espresso maker onto stove top (boil setting). If you are using a gas range, make sure you don't burn the moka express handle which migh be made of plastic or rubber.

8. Remove espresso maker from stove immediately once the top part of the espresso maker is filled with coffee (careful, the espresso maker is hot!)

9. Enjoy the freshly brewed espresso. Thoroughly dry the unit immediately and do not air-dry.

How to Clean and Maintain Stainless steel and Aluminum Stove Top Espresso Makers:
Read the following cleaning instructions: http://www.espressoplanet.com/espresso-coffee-machine/maintenance_stove_top.html

Comments on Stove Top Espresso Maker Instructions Manual

Lily 17/05/2016 13:26
Thank you for posting these instructions. I just bought a 10 fl oz Espresso Coffee Maker and there were absolutely no instructions with it! Yay! Now I'm good to go! Thank you!
Jeroman 22/02/2016 16:44
Much easier to understand than the instructions that came with the coffee maker. Now to have a drink!
Pattie 04/02/2016 18:15
How do you know when the top part is filled with coffee? I have an electric stove.
Administrator Note:
You'll have to lift the lid and check the level.
Careful, don't burn your hands, use a glove.
You can also tell by the sound it makes.
Kay 18/01/2016 18:31
Is steam suppose to come out of the seam between the top and bottom?
Administrator Note:
No, most likely your gasket is leaking and needs to be replaced.
Chris 25/04/2015 08:07
Perfect! It's been so long since I used mine I didn't even know I'd lost the instructions! Thanks, this is very clear, and the pictures really help.
Dodie 23/04/2015 20:26
O loooove my espresso stovetop coffeemaker.....I wonder how I lived so long without it...:)
Laura 21/03/2015 01:36
I bought a Lacafetiere stove top several months ago and am just getting around to using it (tomorrow I'll use it for the very first time). I know how to use it, but I have one problem. The filter funnel that attaches to the lower part will not come out. It appears to either be stuck in there or intentionally made that way. I don't get it. What's wrong, or what I'm doing wrong?
Administrator Note:
It may just be stuck to the lower part. It should come loose after trying to wiggle it a bit.
Susan 15/01/2015 14:38
Thanks! Was wondering how long I should expect to wait before the water boils enough to have the coffee fill the top? Lifting the lid to look to see if coffee rose up was very hot! Thanks!
Fish 30/09/2014 08:20
I agree with everyone...great instructions and photos. How can you tell if your moka is aluminium vs. stainless?
Elaine 11/08/2014 04:18
This was very helpful as my coffee maker was a gift and had no instructions with it.

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