Compak Simplicity. Perfection. Functionality. The Compak coffee grinders incorporate advanced design solutions to make use easy, precise and intensive for the professional grinding of delicate single-origin, decaffeinated and gourmet coffee.

  • Compak E6 OD Black Flat Burr Grinder

  • Price: CA$1,750.00

  • Compak F10 OD Black Conical Burr Grinder

  • Price: CA$3,210.00

  • Compak K10 Fresh Black Grinder

  • Price: CA$3,045.00

  • Compak K10 Fresh Polished Conic Grinder

  • Price: CA$3,045.00

  • Compak K3 Elite Black

  • Price: CA$886.00

  • Compak K3 Elite Polished Aluminum

  • Price: CA$927.00

  • Compak K3 Steel Flat Burr Set

  • Price: CA$59.95

  • Compak K3 Touch Advanced Black

  • Price: CA$579.00

  • Compak K3 Touch Advanced Polished Aluminum

  • Price: CA$629.00

  • Compak K6 Black Commercial Espresso Grinder

  • Price: CA$1,145.00

  • Compak K6 Platinum Commercial Espresso Grinder

  • Price: CA$1,215.00

  • Compak K6 Polished Aluminum Commercial Espresso Grinder

  • Price: CA$1,185.00

  • Compak K6 Professional Barista Commercial Espresso Grinder

  • Price: CA$1,290.00

  • Compak K8 Fresh Black Flat Burr Grinder Black

  • Price: CA$2,250.00

  • Compak K8 Fresh Polished Flat Burr Grinder

  • Price: CA$2,270.00

  • Compak Large Bean Hopper - 1.75lbs capacity

  • Price: CA$125.00

  • Compak mini bean hopper - 0.66lbs capacity

  • Price: CA$59.00

  • Compak R8 Black Flat Burr Grinder

  • Price: CA$1,940.00


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