Semi Automatic versus Super Automatic

Semi Automatic versus Super Automatic
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Synopsis: Which machine makes better espresso Semi Automatic versus Super Automatic. Which machine is better for me.

Q: What yields the best quality espresso:
Alexia plus preciso
Silvia plus rocky
Or...Saeco Talea Giro II "Plus"...a super-automatic.

I know advanced baristas  would probably go for the semi-automatics...but is the difference in quality very big, or hardly noticeable?  Please bear in mind that I'll probably be drinking espresso or Americano the most
Is Alexia worth the extra $$ when compared to Silvia?

A: With a semi-automatic, it all depends on who is making the coffee to be honest. All else being equal, the barista who knows what he/she is doing will make a better espresso on a semi-auto than someone who is inexperienced, 95% of the time.


With a super-auto, it doesn’t matter who makes the coffee… your brother, sister, mother, toddler. As long as they can push a button, the coffee will come out the same.


In your comparison, it is like asking who makes a better painting, Picasso or Van Gogh. That is up to interpretation and the same thing is true with espresso. It all comes down to what you prefer and your personal preferences.


I’ll leave it with this… the workmakship and quality of materials along with the E61 Group Head and ability to pre-infuse make the Alexia and Preciso the number one choice for QUALITY and Consistency.

The Rancilio silvia’s relatively small boiler and configuration make it a little more fussy and non-forgiving to errors; therefore is second choice for quality but first choice for budget. It gives you the tools to make the same quality as a café in your home; you just have to really get to know the machine to get the best out of it.

The Talea Giro Plus (Super Automatic) is my third choice for quality but first choice for convenience.  


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