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todd bradt about  Porta Filter Spout Cleaning Brush:
Works good for cleaning 1/4" stainless steel straws too, sturdy spiral bristles do a good job especially for straws used for smoothies. Just need to insert from both ends due to straw length.
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Home Behmor 1600 roasted manually to get a textbook Full City Roast. Water 197F, 4 minute steep in large Espro Press with 75g of fresh coffee with the Baratza Encore.

Big bold and juicy citrus, accompanied with powerfully delicious aroma - I take my first sip and savor. This is going to be great. Pouring temperature into my cup is 195F into a very clean cup with no fines.

Dynamite introduction to a world of complexity, though deep and bold, there is an underlying sweetness present. Tart citrus brightness melts into a medley of dark cherry and ripe berries, a hint of vanilla - wow. Oh that bittersweet cocoa! What character right from the word go..

Huge body. Very pleasant, warming, and satisfying. Kenya AA is famous for this but this sample from Espresso Planet is special among all the Kenyas I have tasted. This one is a journey to unfold.

As the aroma changes in nuances, my clean cup cooling somewhat is potent euphoria. Did I say this Kenya AA is fantastic?! I need to breathe and assess a moment from the sensory offerings. That floral essence abounds, like after a warm springtime thunder shower. The heightening sensations of herbal notes are so many, and so difficult to put into words. After a rain of imagination it is so clear. The juicy palate is all about depth, bright citrus, gorgeous acidity, once again to treat me with a plethora of fresh herbs in a nice breeze.

Rich and majectic is exactly what one hopes for in Kenya AA. I am immersed in chocolaty finish with lingering dry red winey fruit. ike a frothy pool of cane sugar, toasted cinnamon, and oranges that end with that dark cherry. Superb.

Heavenly. Bet it cups into the mid-ninties score. This is first class African Coffea Arabica.

Please share your own thoughts and tastes!
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Amazing machine! I wasn't sure if the additional investment (upgrading from a Breville Cafe Roma) was worth the money. However, all doubts were erased as soon as I poured the first double shot (stock settings) into the cup. Smoother than anything I had produced with the Cafe Roma and the milk's texture (we drink a lot of lattes) was silkier as well. Now I need to work on my latte art skills.
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The 20g version **does not** fit the stock portafilter of the Rancilio Silva. The 18g fits perfectly!
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Charles is correct. 18g is the way to go for the stock Rancilio portafilter. Snug as a bug, larger, easier tamping without the ridge. Recommended.
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is the ring burr fit on my ESPRESSIONE 5198 THANKS YOU
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Ken C. about  Torrie LC2 Espresso - 1 kg:
I love this bean for espresso. My local coffee shop uses the same bean and I'm glad to have a source like Espresso Planet to buy it through.
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The Bluetooth feature is very cool! Yes, when the machine is off-ish (black screen with power button flashing red occasionally), you can ask it to make a coffee beverage. The machine will automatically wake up, and after warming up and rinsing, it will tell you to put a mug/cup of a certain size in place, and then a few seconds later, the coffee is ready. “Ordering” your coffee using the Bluetooth allows you to more precisely select the amount of coffee and the temp. (showing numbers, rather than guessing the ticks on the display). I LOVE this machine! I give this a 5 Star :)
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Seems the BUNN BT coffeemaker I just bought today only has the l for ON and the 0 for off, but no vacation switch? It's not a lighted switch either...curious why it dosent have these options?
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Jun 7, 2018
Great little unit. Love the idea of no having to pure milk into the Fridge. Quality item
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Jul 28, 2018
Bought for use with my Breville Barista Express. MUCH better than the plastic tamper included with the machine.

Advantages: I cannot explain how much this helped me with my consistency from shot to shot. The ridge stops tamping at the same stop each time, so once your grind is dialled in, you're set! This has cut down the number of coffees being dumped down the drain to almost zero. Highly recommend

Disadvantages: None yet!
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Aug 7, 2018
This makes an excellent ice coffee! I haven't tried it hot yet, but would imagine it also making a great latte.

Advantages: Strong flavor

Disadvantages: Aftertaste that requires some getting used to...not in a bad way, just different.
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Sep 11, 2018
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Quick and simple to order and fast delivery. Quality product. Happy having made business with Espresso Planet.

Advantages: Illy Pods are easy to use with no mess. Rich, dark coffee and great strong taste. I am really satisfied.

Disadvantages: None!
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Mar 9, 2019
This is exactly what I wanted! It's well made and I love that I can lift the tea leaves out of the water when it's brewed to my taste, but keep them in the kettle so they aren't dripping everywhere. The only thing that I don't like is that the keep warm feature turns off as soon as you lift the kettle off the base, but it's a minor inconvenience to me. I've read others complain that the basket is difficult to clean, but that has not been my experience at all. I just dump what I can and rinse out the rest. Soooo happy with this purchase!

Advantages: Variable temperature settings.
Keep warm feature.
Nice wide opening for filling.

Disadvantages: Keep warm feature turns off when lifted off base.
Apparently the basket stains over time, but I don't care!
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Apr 6, 2019
These replacements are better than the originals, the ones I had shipped to me had tiny square holes that don’t plug up like the original one did that had tiny round holes, just some food for thought!!

Advantages: All of the above that was stated

Disadvantages: None that I can see other than it’s a pressurized filter basket, but it suits whoever likes them, massive crema from fresh beans it’s like a frother for espresso crema!! lol
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