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Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto
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Synopsis: Some frequently asked questions and trouble shooting tips.


During beverage preparation coffee/milk is splashing out of the cup.

Adjust the cup support to the correct level in order to not be too far or too close to the spout. Use another cup size or the recommended NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto™ cups.

The beverage is coming out at an angle and not straight into the cup.

The quality of the final beverage is not impacted and can be consumed. Before preparing the next cup, clean and dry the capsule holder, particularly the beverage outlet opening.

Once I finish beverage preparation and stop the machine there is still continuous dripping of product into the cup.

This is normal: as long as the capsule is not removed and discarded it will continue to drip into the cup or the drip tray (once the cup is removed). The dripping lasts longer for coffee capsules than for milk capsules. To stop dripping, remove and discard the used capsule after the light stops blinking.

Upon removal of the holder and the capsule from the machine, some water/product drops are coming out from the top of the needle.

It is likely that you removed the holder from the machine too soon. Always wait for the light to stop blinking before removing the holder from the machine.

It is difficult to remove the capsule holder from the machine at the end of beverage delivery.

Do not try to remove the capsule holder too soon. Always wait for the light to stop blinking. If still difficult to remove, do not force. Switch off the machine and wait for 5 minutes before trying to remove.

Some drops of product are dripping out of the capsule holder as I remove the holder from the machine.

Normally there should be no drops out of the capsule during removal from the machine and discarding. In order to minimize the risk of dripping on counter surfaces, a dedicated bin is provided with each machine purchase and should be kept near the machine. If dripping persists, check the condition of the black rubber gasket around the metal needle. If damaged or missing request replacement of the capsule holder.

Water/product is dripping out of the capsule after I discarded it in the bin

Once the beverage is delivered to the desired strength/volume any remaining water (and some product traces) remains in the capsule in order to not dilute the taste of the beverage. Some of this remaining liquid might drip out of the capsule in the bin. The specially designed bin provided with the machine allows for easy separation of liquid and solid waste.

Water or liquid is leaking outside the machine during beverage preparation

There may be an insufficient seal between capsule and machine.

  • Check that there is a capsule in the holder.
  • Stop machine, wait for light to stop blinking and remove capsule.
  • Check to ensure that capsule is not pierced twice.
  • Try again with new capsule.
  • If leakage persists, contact NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto™ consumer services for repair.


Machine is on with lever selected (left or right) but there is no flow of beverage out of the holder.


  • Check if there is water in the water tank.
  • If no, move lever back to center position, fill tank with water and start again.
  • If yes, stop machine and switch off. Wait for 3-4 min and then slowly move holder up and remove. If removal of holder is not easy do not force it but wait an additional 3-4 min.
  • Remove capsule, rinse holder, and try again with a new capsule.
  • If situation persists, contact NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto™ consumer services for repair.


Why do I sometimes get different foam levels?

The level of foam depends on the size of the cup, the position of the drip tray, and sometimes the milk and coffee powders which are natural products that might show a small seasonality effect. If the foam amount is significantly lower than normal, please use another box of capsules.

My beverage does not taste the same, cup after cup. What do I do wrong?

Please follow the user manual instructions. There may be a taste variation if different amounts of water are used from cup to cup.

My beverage is too cold

Check that you are using regular tap water and not refrigerated water. If necessary, descale the machine following the System Manual instructions.

My beverage is too hot

Check that you are using fresh tap water. Check if needle is free of obstructions and remove obstacle if necessary using a thin needle.

During beverage preparation the flow is too fast or too slow

Some products (e.g. coffee capsules) are designed to flow slower than others (e.g. milk capsules) in order to achieve the desired cup quality. If flow is slower than normal, descale the machine (following the System Manual instructions) and clean needle by removing any obstacles lodged in it.

The taste of my coffee (Espresso, Caffè Lungo) or my mix (Cappuccino, Latte Machiatto) is too strong or too weak.

The products are expertly designed to deliver perfect taste with the dosage as shown. You may want to vary the amount of water until desired taste is reached.

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