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Keurig Platinum B70 Single Serve Brewer

Keurig Platinum B70 Single Serve Brewer
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Synopsis: I have to start off by saying, I was at first skeptical about the coffee quality of Single Serve Beverage machines.

Keurig Platinum B70 Single Serve Brewer

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 | Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

Keurig Platinum B70 Single Serve Brewer
Editors Review

I have to start off by saying, I was at first skeptical about the coffee quality of Single Serve Beverage machines.  But upon trying the new innovation from Keurig, I was extremely pleased.

Out of the box, the Keurig primed within 4 minutes of start-up.  30 seconds later we had a nice cup of Parisian Nights coffee, courtesy of Timothy's World Coffee.

The look of the Keurig Platinum B70 is unlike anything we had seen here at Espresso Planet, and much impressed we were.  The blue backlit water tank and digital display panel, give this machine a modern and sexy appearance. It's sleek lines and small footprint ensure that it can match with any kitchen decor.

Making Espresso or Coffee

Keurig has licensed some of the largest coffee roasters to make the special "K-Cup" cartridge the Keurig accepts.  Timothy's World Coffee and Green Mountain Coffee Co. being two of the biggest.  So be assured, you should be able to find a blend or two to satisfy your palette.  To make a beverage, simply lift the lever, insert the K-Cup, push the lever down.  The machine then indicates that it is ready to brew.  Choose from 4 different cup sizes from espresso(1 oz.) to travel mug(11.5 oz) by using the arrow push buttons and push "Brew".  Wait 25 or so seconds and you have a good quality cup. With the 60 oz. removable water reservoir, you don't have to worry about refilling in the middle of the brewing.



The B70 is incredibly easy to operate.  You can adjust the brewing temperature up to 192 degrees.  A great feature you don't see often in this price range.  You can also program an automatic on/off and brew size.  With push and scroll menu operation, this unit is one of the simplest to operate. While there are not as many programming options as say, the Saeco or Jura, two of the most important are present...The brew temperature and brew size.


When you make your brew size selection the B70(B60 et al.) the Keurig draws from its water tank and fills the boiler, ensuring that you cannot run out of water mid brew.  Some other units that will remain nameless, cannot boast such a simple yet necessary function.

When the Keurig is brewing, you can barely hear the pump.  This is wonderful!  No more waking up my husband at 5:00 AM because my beverage machine is too loud.

The selection of coffee's and beverages for the Keurig is great.  With many different roasters making K-Cups, everyone's palette can be appeased.  Our favourites seem to be the Timothy's Kona, Parisian Nights and the Colombian Dorado.  They also offer flavoured coffees such as the "Noisette" or "German Chocolate Cake".  We have tried the German Chocolate Cake and well the smell while brewing was heavenly, the taste left something to be desired.  That being said, some people will find the flavoured coffee option a great one.  The only thing I would add to this is that Keurig may need to start looking at milk based products such as cappuccino's and latte's to add to their line up of espresso's, coffee's, tea's and hot beverages.  However, this then brings us into the clean up of a machine that accepts milk products and the even the simplest machine, then becomes complicated.

Also, a nice accessory is the re-usable filter cup.  If you cannot bring yourself to drink the K-Cups themselves, you can then grind your favourite coffee and put the required amount into the re-usable K-Cup filter. 

Overall, this machine is a great value, and you are not missing out on quality.  I am sure our demo unit will be well used.

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