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Troubleshooting Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Troubleshooting Super Automatic Espresso Machines
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Synopsis: Here are some of the common problems with Super Automatics we hear about from customers with suggestions for correction by any home user.


Here are some of the common problems we hear about from customers with suggestions for correction by any home user.  If the suggestions don't work, we recommend that you bring the machine to an authorized service centre for your brand.  We do not encourage anyone to open up the machines and try to repair them and if you choose to do so, it is at your own risk.  We are not giving directions for anything that should be done by an authorized technician.  Some of these problems are not covered under warranty (usually cleaning/descaling issues and foreign items caught in the grinder are not warranty covered) so rule out what you can at home before sending in for repair.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to fully read and understand your user manual, which usually will help you prevent many issues.


The machine is saying the bean hopper is empty even though it isn't.

  • The coffee beans might have been exposed to moisture, usually from being stored in the freezer or refrigerator (when the beans are removed into room temperature, condensation forms).  Empty the bean hopper and let it dry for a couple of days and then run some dry beans through at a coarse setting and hopefully it will be fine.  If not, contact the service centre for your machine.  And start storing your beans in a dry and airtight container away from direct light and heat (like a pantry cupboard).
  • Some machines will flag you with a bean hopper empty message if the lid is missing or not closed properly.  Try removing the lid and re-closing it, making sure that it seals correctly.
  • A foreign object may have jammed in the grinder.  You probably won't be able to see this if that is the case so will probably have to call your service centre.

The steam wand is not working properly.

  • Dried milk may be clogging the wand. Remove it from the machine and take apart any pieces that can be removed and clean them thoroughly. Run water through the wand once it is back on the machine to make sure it is clear.  Remember to always wipe down with a clean cloth and run some water through immediately after every single use.
  • The machine may not be in steam mode or it may still be heating.
  • Mineral deposits from the water may be clogging the boiler or elements.  Try descaling.

Additional resources:

We find the following websites very useful in trouble shooting most problems:

Comments on Troubleshooting Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Julie 22/11/2015 20:27
I am having issues with my Saeco Minuto HD8775 used with Mavea Intenza+ 6702/00 filters. The machine worked properly with the first filter that I used, but now after replacing the filter, no water comes out. I have tried with two different filters. If I remove the filter and put the little "filter" that came with the machine back in, it works again. Any ideat what the issue could be?
Administrator Note:
Did you read our knowledge article 'how to use the Saeco mavea intenza water filter'?
Most likely you have a trapped air pocket. Make sure you flush and rinse the filter as instructed.

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