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Krups Espresso Machines History

1846: The founding years

Years that tipped the balance in Krups favor - a young enterprise standing for precision: technical perfection is a high ideal but it is also a firm promise. Company founder, Robert Krups, was fully aware of this when he formulated his company philosophy, but he also knew that striving for perfection would ensure on-going innovation. His ideas were first converted into practical reality in the form of rotary and spring balances. For over a century Krups was dedicated exclusively to manufacturing scales and balances – high-grade devices that won admiration for Krups quality in design and equipment.
1950: The first step into new markets

Rock 'n Roll on the radio, electronics in the kitchen - a simple coffee grinder - and all its consequences: in the upheaval of post-war Germany Krups took the plunge into new markets. While Europe's young people were in revolt, taking apart whole concert halls to the music of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, electronics arrived on the scene in Germany's kitchens. As so often in the years that followed, Krups was one of the real pioneers. With its first electric coffee grinder, making it so wonderfully easy for so many people to enjoy real coffee, Krups launched its own revolution.
1960: The rapid ascent

The compact key to their great success - the Krups 3Mix wins the hearts of cooks all over Germany. In 1960 Krups started production of the 3Mix, the appliance that launched the ceremonial march of the Krups brand. The handy 3Mix took Germany's kitchens by storm. Jobs that previously required so much effort were now suddenly possible automatically, at the flick of a button - stirring, mixing, blending, kneading, whipped cream, purées … In the 1960s, the 3Mix, with its many versatile facilities and special qualities, became the modern kitchen appliance par excellence. Today it has a place in almost every other household and is thus the undisputed "number one" with millions of satisfied customers.
1970: Coffee enjoyment - all automatic

Full aroma at the touch of a button - Krups makes a name for itself as a coffee specialist: Krups owed its success on the small electrical household appliances market to a coffee grinder; this came as no surprise - coffee is after all one of the great passions in Germany. In 1961, one year after the breakthrough with its 3Mix, Krups brought an electric coffee maker onto the market. This too, with its functionality and its clear design, won many friends - the Krups T8. In the course of the T8's glittering career, Krups was to become one of the world's largest and most acclaimed manufacturers of coffee makers and espresso machines.
1980: Life-style knows no boundaries

Seduction - Italian style - professional espresso à la Krups: ever since 1983 Krups has been satisfying the growing appetite for that "little black magic" from Italy with a wide spectrum of espresso machines - to meet literally every taste - from steam pressure machines for novices, by way of the elegant Programmatic series, right through to the noble, fully automatic Krups Orchestro. What all models have in common is well thought-out technology and elegant design in typical Krups style. Krups is available in Canada for several years and managed by Group Seb.
2000: Ready for the new millennium

Ideas for tomorrow - innovations in design and technology: Krups, on the threshold of the new millennium, has reformulated its corporate philosophy: "Expect the best" is the new banner under which Krups is now advertising its products worldwide. All Krups products – typical Krups - stand out by virtue of their superior and innovative technology - but at the same time they inspire real enthusiasm with their noble, gracious, stylish, and functional design, unusual in form and color. Thus, consistently, the Krups brand name has and will, continue orienting its activities towards fulfilling the wishes and needs of consumers – never losing sight of its great objective of inspiring customers with its innovation - paving the way for a successful new millennium.
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