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Why do the US and Canadian prices not reflect the current exchange rates?

It is common to be frustrated by prices of items in Canada being more expensive than prices of the same items in the U.S.  We have gotten many calls from people who have confused currency exchange rates with market prices and we would like to try to clear this up.

Please keep in mind that the master-importers of most appliances are entirely different and unrelated companies in the USA and Canada. They control their national market only including retail price strategies, which are based on a number of variables, including the customs and duties applicable to importing to each country. You may think an item is cheaper to buy in the US. That may be true. The U.S. importers have the ability to order more volume from the manufacturers in Europe (the Canadian market is only 1/10th the size of the U.S. so will import a much smaller volume) which generally translates into greater discounts for them.
Fixed costs such as storefront leases, government taxes, utility costs and staff wages can vary widely between any two different countries, which will also affect the cost of items sold. 
However, exercise caution when buying cross border. Not only will you be responsible for import costs such as duty, brokerage and tax, but the warranty is not honoured across the border since Canadian and U.S. warranties are handled by two separate companies.

Also please note that retail prices generally take a lengthy period of time to drop as a result of changes in exchange rates and they don't drop all that much.  Most importers have purchased their stock from Europe many months before the exchange rate changed and they don't get a refund from the manufacturer for subsequent exchange rate changes.  Also, fixed costs such as building leases, shipping, staff wages, etc., aren't affected by exchange rates.  The importers determine, based on all these factors, the retail price of items and we, as retailers, must go by their decision.

We at Espresso Planet have teamed up with the master-importers to ship the appliances from within the country where the order has been placed.  Therefore, none of our machines will cross the border in either direction.
Why are certain Models only available in Canada and others only for the USA ?
Please note that each master importer in the respective countries operates independent. If you buy a US model meant for the USA into Canada, your warranty will not be covered in Canada. You will need to return the unit to the seller in the US. The same goes for US customers buying Canadian Models. You may also be charged for Customs Duty and Brokerage Fees.
To use your electrical appliance in Canada, the appliance must meet CSA (Canadian Standards Organisation) certification. Other approved certifications for the Canadian market include C-UL, C-ETL.
To use your electrical appliance in the USA, the appliance must meet UL and ETL certification. Pending on the application, the appliance must also meet NSF certification. This is usually the case if the appliance is used for commercial use.
Also note that the electrical circuits in the USA are designed to allow for 20A (Amperage) electrical appliances. In Canada, wiring is usually protected for up to 15A. If you plug in a US appliance, designed for 20A circuits, you may be exposed to fire hazard.
Check your local authority to make sure the certification on the appliance meets local standards !
Before buying in the US make sure you inform yourself about importing products into Canada. We have collected some articles on importing:

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