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Compare Products
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Synopsis: It is very easy to compare related products, such as espresso machines and coffee makers side by side, on our website.
It is very easy to compare espresso machines and coffee makers side by side on our website.
Products that can be compared are identified by a check box like:
Just check the desired products you wish to compare against each other.
While still on the same page, click on "compare selected like: 
In order to compare espresso machines from multiple pages, click on "Add to comparison list" before going to the next page:
This will add the selected products to the comparison list on the top right corner:
You can always return to this list and remove or add other items to the list for convenient comparison shopping.
The final list will look like this:
Note that shaded rows identify different features. You can also easily remove all the rows that contain identical features to make the list smaller and focus on the difference between the models.

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