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Bodum french press Canada

Bodum has delivered innovative designs for years. Not only in the coffee sector but also in all aspects of kitchen wares.

The french press method of making coffee is still one of the most cost effective ways of making great tasting coffee.

We deliver Bodum quality products right across the USA and Canada.

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Brewing great tasting coffee on Bodum French presses
Bodum pot presses to make the best cup of coffee

Bodum French Press Coffee Makers

Grind fresh beans to a medium setting and fill the correct amount in the press pot.

Boil water and pour it over the ground coffee inside the bodum.

Let it sit for a while.

Push down the plunger all the way.

And enjoy great tasting Coffee.

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Bodum Tea Makers

Using loose tea leafs to make tea will result in an incredible fresh cup.
Just fill loose tea leafs in the strainer.
Poor hot water over the strainer.
Wait the right amount of time
And poor yourself the best tasting tea you ever had.
Make great tasting tea with the bodum tea maker


In 1944, Peter Bodum, the father of today’s owner, Joergen Bodum, started BODUM® in Copenhagen Denmark. Times were difficult at the end of World War II; there was hardly any trade, and people were out of work. Peter Bodum managed to wholesale a very small variety of houseware products by Danish manufacturers.

After the war, Peter Bodum managed to wholesale a few Danish kitchen products and obtained an import license for kitchen and tabletop products specializing in glassware from Eastern Europe.

In the fifties, Peter Bodum started developing his own products. From early on he recognized the importance of industrial design, and this visionary approach laid the groundwork for what BODUM® stands for today. His collaboration with architects and industrial and graphic designers is a tradition BODUM® has expanded on over the years, developing their own design department. With an in-house team of designers, engineers, graphic designers, and architects, BODUM® has been doing their own product design, development, and advertising.

In 1958, the first BODUM® product hit the market: the Santos coffeemaker – based on a vacuum coffee brewing system. It became an instant sensation not only in Denmark but in all of Europe. BODUM® has continued to produce the original Santos design to this very day.

BODUM® grew steadily during the sixties, but sadly, in 1967, at the age of only 57, Peter Bodum passed away. His wife managed the company until 1974 when she invited her 26-year-old son Joergen to join her in the management of the company. Joergen quickly brought Carsten Joergensen onboard – then a teacher at the Danish School of Art in Copenhagen - and soon put him in charge of overall design for BODUM®, including everything from products to corporate design, exhibitions, shops, buildings, catalogues, and advertising. It turned out to be a very long and fruitful collaboration. The two men began to fulfill BODUM®’s credo - "good design doesn’t have to be expensive" - in lots of different ways.

In 1974, Bistro, the first BODUM French coffee press, was introduced. It was also the first incorporation of the new BODUM® design language – beautiful simplicity and excellent materials for everyday life. Many more variations of coffee presses followed. Since 1974, BODUM® has produced over 60 million French presses, taken the leap from "coffee" to "kitchen", and developed and produced a large variety of beautiful household and tabletop designs.

In 1974, Joergen Bodum took over the company from his mother, and in 1979, he decided to move the business from Denmark to Switzerland in order to have a more central location in Europe. He chose the Lucerne area, where BODUM®’s head office has been located since the early eighties.

In 1980, BODUM Switzerland and its design unit, PI-Design, were founded.

Already in 1975,  BODUM® had started expanding its product lines and materials quite a bit. In the early eighties, plastic and stainless steel, but also wood, became very important. Coffee and tea remained at BODUM®’s core, but soon the whole kitchen came into focus, then the living room, and eventually the whole house and everyday life per se. Whatever the products that got developed – wooden salad bowls, thermos flasks or even a dustpan and brush – BODUM® stayed true to its credo: excellent design has to be affordable to anyone.

Then, in 1986, the opening of BODUM’s first shop in London marked another milestone in BODUM® history. The shop was designed not only to perfectly showcase the large variety of BODUM® products but to embody BODUM’s growing presence as an international brand.

In 1991, BODUM® bought two companies – Martin S.A., the original producer of the first press coffee maker Melior, and the Nissen wood factory. Joergen Bodum felt lucky to be able to keep the original Nissen staff onboard and thereby gain access to their many years of experience and the secrets of making simple wooden products look perfectly beautiful. BODUM works with wood that comes from controlled plantations where every tree is replanted.

In 1991, the ASSAM teapot was developed for the British Tea Council, and it basically reinvented tea brewing. BODUM® had learned quite a bit from the French coffee press system and applied the same principles to tea: a brewing process in a spacious filter easily stoppable by pressing down a plunger.

In 1992, BODUM® entered the field of electrical household products. The IBIS water kettle was the first in a long line of simple as well as highly sophisticated electrical kitchen helpers: juicers, coffee grinders, and in 2003, Granos, a true steam engine of an espresso machine. In 2000, BODUM® took the risk of reinterpreting the popular SANTOS of the fifties in a completely contemporary fashion and was highly rewarded. Few coffeemakers (if any) have ever received so many compliments and awards as the electric SANTOS.

Including Melior, BODUM® has produced close to 100 million French presses and 30 million tea pots, taken the leap from "coffee" to "kitchen", and developed and produced a large variety of beautiful household and tabletop designs.
More and more shops in more and more cities all over the world have opened: Paris, Copenhagen, Zurich, Lucerne, Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Okinawa, Auckland, and many others. Today, there are 52 BODUM® stores worldwide and many more shop-in-shops. Bodum is also available in Canada for many years.

With more of its own stores in place, BODUM® continues to broaden its collection of beautifully designed everyday life products – from kitchen to home. Today, BODUM® offers its customers everything from the latest coffee and tea making products to tabletop, kitchen, storage, textiles, and home office products. Some stores also have a café where BODUM’s own selection of coffees and teas are served.

Since 2003, the Swedish Ordning&Reda is part of the BODUM® Group. Its franchise shops in 15 countries and their shop-in-shops in the BODUM® stores offer a coordinated assortment of stylishly beautiful notebooks, diaries, cards, photo albums, stationery, pens/pencils, boxes, bags, and accessories.

The BODUM Group is, and always has been, a 100% family-owned business. Today it is owned by Pia and Joergen Bodum, daughter and son of founder Peter Bodum. The company operates in 17 different countries with over 600 employees worldwide. BODUM® has its holding company in Switzerland, 18 sales companies around the world, one production company in Portugal, and the BODUM® Design Group consisting of PI-Design in Switzerland and buying offices in both Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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