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Urnex Grindz Grinder Cleaner - 3 pack x 35g

The world's first and only product for cleaning coffee grinders, Grindz Home Grinder Cleaner is a consumer packaged version of our patent-pending innovation.

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The world's first and only product for cleaning coffee grinders, Grindz Home Grinder Cleaner is a consumer packaged version of our patent-pending innovation.  The product is an all-natural , food-safe , and flavor neutral combination presented in coffee bean shaped tablets.  Grindz Home quickly and effectively removes stale coffee residue and flavored coffee odors from the internal burrs and casings of coffee grinders.  Requiring no grinder disassembly, Grindz Home users simply run the product through the machine just like coffee.   Delivering the same cleaning power as the commercial version, Grindz Home is ideally portioned and packaged for home users. 

Urnex Grindz  3x35gr. packets/box

Directions (Use once a week ): 

1.  Empty all coffee from grinder. 

2.  Add Grindz Home Grinder Cleaner.  Use 1x35 g packet. 

3.  Adjust grinder to medium setting and operate. 

4.  To purge, repeat above process twice with coffee.  Repeat if desired. 

Note:  Dust may develop during grinding and is harmless.  Wipe particulates from hopper, spout, and doser.  Keep container tightly closed and dry. 

Ingredients:  Proprietary formulation containing grains and cereals (including wheat products), and pharmaceutical grade binders.
Frequently asked questions:

What is Grindz Grinder Cleaner?

The product is the first ever cleaner for coffee grinders.

What is Grindz� Grind er Cleaner made of, and what does it look like?

The product is a proprietary formula of grains, cereals, and pharmaceutical grade binders in a coffee bean shaped tablet.

Who developed Grindz� Grinder Cleaner?

The product was developed by the technical team at Urnex Brands, Inc.  It was inspired by a meeting between the owners of Urnex� and Mahlk � nig when the challenges of grinder care and cleaning were discussed.

Why was Grindz� Grinder Cleaner developed?

In pursuit of ways to help customers serve the best tasting coffee, we have dedicated ourselves to helping eliminate the chance of coffee oil residue contaminating future brews.  Cleaning a grinder has always been a challenge since water cannot be used on the burrs or around electric motors.  The process of opening a grinder can also be very intimidating due to the small parts and precision involved in positioning burrs.  Finding a way to clean a grinder without opening the machine became a valuable product concept.

How does Grindz� Grinder Cleaner work?

When ground through your coffee grinder, the product gently dislodges coffee particles while also absorbing coffee oil residue.

Is Grindz� Grinder Cleaner a chemical?

No.  There are only food safe and edible ingredients in this product.  As a result, the product presents no risk if the residue is consumed, and it will be flavor neutral to your coffee.

How was Grindz� Grinder Cleaner tested?

Throughout the development process, the team at Urnex worked very closely with the technical staff at Mahlkonig in Hamburg, Germany.  Every version was evaluated for safety and effectiveness on a broad range of grinders.

How do I use Grindz� Grinder Cleaner?

Simply take the recommended dose ( 1 - 35 gr packet for home-use grinders and 2 - 35 gr packets for shop grinders) and drop it into an empty grinder hopper.  Adjust machine setting to medium, and operate as if grinding coffee beans. Once complete, we recommend passing twice as much coffee through to purge any residue.

What happens if I use a setting other than medium with Grindz� Grinder Cleaner?

This is not a problem at all.  In fact, you may want to experiment with Grindz Grinder Cleaner and different settings on your machine. We found that medium setting delivered the optimal cleaning effect.  However, this may vary with your equipment and the amount of coffee residue.

Will Grindz� Grinder Cleaner remove flavored coffee oil?

Yes. We have found the product to be effective at eliminating the scent of flavored coffee.  It is particularly effective in removing the odor of flavored coffee when it has accidentally been passed through the dedicated non-flavored grinder.

Why should I use Grindz� Grinder Cleaner regularly?

Just as any coffee machine should be cleaned regularly, a grinder should be cleaned in the same manner to achieve the optimum grinding quality.  Grindz is an easy way to remove the coffee residue and oils deposited on grinder burrs.  The regular use of Grindz� lengthens the time period between one servicing and the next, and also reduces the need to disassemble the grinder to clean it.  Thus, making maintenance less costly, and more efficient.

How often should I use Grindz� Grinder Cleaner?

It is recommended to use Grindz for espresso grinders once a week and for shop grinders once a month.

Why can�t I just use rice to clean my grinder?

In the past, many people have cleaned grinders with rice.  However, rice carries the risk of locking up the motor of a grinder as it passes through and is turned into a fine powder.  The hardness and shape of Grindz Grinder Cleaner prevents this from happening. Using rice to clean your grinder also leaves a starchy residue on the inner mechanics of a grinder that is difficult to remove.

When I use Grindz� Grinder Cleaner, I am left with a lot of white dusty particles in my doser.  How do I get this out?

The dust created by using Grindz Grinder Cleaner is harmless and flavor neutral.  However, it should be passed through your doser and brushed out.  If you have trouble getting it all out, we recommend using a vacuum to clean out the tiny areas.

How should Grindz� Grinder Cleaner be stored?

It is best to keep in a cool dry place with the lid on.

Can I use Grindz� on a fully automatic espresso machine?

While Grindz will effectively clean the burrs on most any coffee grinder, we do not recommend use of the product on fully automatic espresso machines without specific instructions from your machine's manufacturer. The reason we urge caution is that the brew chamber of each fully automatic espresso machine is different. Although Grindz� is fully edible and food safe, the composition of the product gives it a tendency to expand when put in contact with large volumes of water. Therefore, when using Grindz� on fully automatic machines, it is important to not accidentally brew a shot of Grindz, as this could clog your machine. In order to avoid this, ask your manufacturer how to set your machine for grinder cleaning. If you have already tried and succeeded using Grindz on your machine, then you've figured it out!

Is Grindz� a concern for those with gluten allergies?

We feel confident that there are no issues pertaining to Grindz and gluten intolerance.  In response to questions about this subject, the Urnex Brands, Inc. technical staff created a detailed scientific proof to address the issue.  The findings show that when Grindz is used according to directions, the possible amount of gluten that could ever remotely be found in a cup of espresso made using a grinder cleaned with Grindz is below 20 parts per million.  This 20 ppm level is 90% below the gluten threshold for a product to still be defined as Gluten Free in the Codex Alimentarius Standard.  This standard is an international one that dates back to the 1980's for Gluten Free Products and is accepted internationally.  Because of the coffee/water ratios used in espresso vs. brewed coffee, these ppm levels would be even further reduced when consideration is made for brewed coffee.

A little bit about the Urnex Brands, Inc. Proof:  The Codex Alimentarius Standard is based on analysis of the nitrogen content of gluten-containing cereals.  This standard permits a maximum of 200 parts per million (ppm or mg/kg) gluten in a finished product allows for a cereal-derived product to be labeled "gluten free" if it does not exceed that limit.  Urnex chose 20ppm as our threshold based on a variety of factors and our desire to be excessively thorough and conservative.

Some packages contain �Best Before�, and some do not�why?

As with any new product, the shelf life of Grindz was something that was not entirely certain prior to launch.  In an effort to be overly cautious and conservative, Urnex chose to print a "best before" date on each jar during first few months of production and distribution.  However, after 1 year of in-market experience along with simulated lab stability tests, Urnex has concluded that there is no longer a need for the best before date.  We now believe a reasonable period of storage prior to sale is a minimum of 18- 24 months - if not longer - assuming a clean, and relatively dry warehouse setting.

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Urnex Grindz 3 Pack Grinder Cleaner
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