Coffee Bean Storage

Coffee Bean Storage
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Coffee Storage - How do you store coffee beans? Should I put coffee in the freezer? Should I use an air tight coffee storage canister / container to store my coffee?

So... you just bought your new espresso machine, a frothing pitcher, a thermometer, water filter, cleaning tablets, descaler and of course a bag of freshly roasted coffee... You're all set, right?

Have you thought about what to do with your beans once you open the bag?

Many variables affect coffee, but the two main enemies are air and moisture. Coffee starts to lose freshness 24 to 72 hours after it is roasted (or just a few minutes after being ground). There are ways to delay this process.

We suggest storing your coffee in an air-tight storage container. There is a product called the AirScape by Planetary Designs which vacuums out the air with the push of your hand. It's fun and easy, and now your coffee isn't left defenseless against oxygen.

Customers are often surprised when we tell them that we don't recommend throwing your coffee in the fridge or freezer. I mentioned air as one enemy, but beware of moisture too. Once you take your coffee out of the fridge, you are going from one extreme temperature to another, creating moisture in the process. Not only is moisture bad for your coffee, but it is bad for your grinder as well.


Many people like to store fresh roasted coffee beans in the freezer if they are not going to use them right away, which is fine, but once removed and thawed, they should not go back in.

Most air-tight containers will do the trick, but if they are transparent, remember to store them in a cool dark place as light is also an enemy of coffee. You may be surprised at just how much of a difference an investment in an air-tight storage container can make. You will notice your coffee is not as sour, has more aroma, and obviously tastes better as you get to the end of your bag. You are also on your way to brewing better coffee.
Check out this youtube video of the Airscape in action!


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