Baratza Grind Settings

Baratza Grind Settings
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We get asked all the time about Baratza grind settings for different brew methods. We've gone through kilos of coffee doing in-house testing to come up with some good starting points.

Baratza provides our users with a range of versatile grinders for all brew types, price points, and to suit many locations and situations.

The Baratza grinders operate in two basic burr styles – conical and flat.  The conical burrs are steel which we use in the Encore, Virtuoso, Preciso and Sette.  The flat burrs are available in both ceramic or steel and are used in the Vario and Forté grinders.  We have been doing a lot of testing to find the sweet spot or remarkably tasty flavors in coffee with our grinders. Getting started (brewing coffee) is half the battle, so hopefully the settings in the table below will be of assistance.



  Encore Virtuoso Preciso Sette 270/270W Vario/Forte Ceramic Vario/Forte Steel
Espresso 5 4 4C 9E 2Q *
Siphon 13 12 12B 25E 5N 3N
AeroPress 14 13 13B 14E 6M 4M
Hario 14 13 13B 16E 6M 4F
Basket Brewers 15 14 14F 20E 6M 4Z
Chemex 21 20 20D 25E 9L 7O
Press Pot 30 28 28B 25E 10B









To sum it all up – if you use great brewing techniques, freshly roasted coffee and Baratza grinders, we will take you where you want to go in the cup, time and time again!

*modifications to this grinder for an espresso grind particle, will offset the grind coarseness range of your grinder. For details email:


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Robert 31/12/2015 02:50
Have recently purchased the Encore model and wonder what grind setting is recommended for Moka style stove-top espresso machines? I have a VEV Vigano 3 cup size unit that is stainless steel. Have used a grind setting of 12 and seems to work well but concerned that may be too fine and cause plugging/ overpressure problems.
Marcus 02/05/2015 14:09
I have the preciso. The 14F setting was exactly right for my bialetti moka.setting makes a big difference I used to do 14G or something else in ballpark no. 14. But 14F wads ok.

I was never happy with my french press results (I used settings somewhere in ballpark no. 33), I am going to try 28G see what it does.
Administrator Note:
Thanks Marcus,

We want to point out again: Try different grind settings and compare the taste of each setting. You will eventually find the setting that works best for you.
Michael 20/04/2015 01:04
I find the Encore #30 setting for French Press is too fine for my fine palate. #34-#36 setting on mine is perfect as a "medium-coarse grind" and mimicked with my premium hand mill as well. Working with the fantastic Espro Presses, too fine makes plunging put undue stress on the fine mesh micro filters.
Stan 03/12/2014 19:06
Having just obtained a Preciso grinder, the manual's recommended starting position (8) for espresso was way too coarse and resulted in gushers from the portafiliter. I'm now down to 4C which seems about right. Using a Saeco Starbucks Barista and non-pressurized portafilter.
Administrator Note:
Thank you for your feedback and glad you found a setting that works for you. The recommended settings are just a starting point and every Grinder / Espresso Machine is different. 4C is what the above chart recommends for Espresso.

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