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Rancilio Silvia Pro Review

Rancilio Silvia Pro Review
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First Team Review of the Rancilio Silvia Pro Dual Boiler.

Now Available

Our Sales Team just released this short, first review of the Rancilio Silvia Pro Dual Boiler Espresso Machine.

Classic Silvia and Silvia Pro Side by Side

Let's compare the size and looks of the Classic Silvia M (left) with the new Silvia Pro (right) side by side:

The Silvia Pro is a bit bigger but for a Dual Boiler, still relatively small: 9.8" W X 15.3" H X 16.5" D

Start Up

The machine takes about 3 minutes for the 0.3L coffee boiler to heat up and 10 minutes until the 1.0L steam boiler is ready.

At this point the portafilter is still cool and you want to rinse water through the portafilter to speed up the heating process of the group head.

Without pre-heating, the group head takes approximately 20 minutes till it's ready and hot enough to provide sufficient temperature stability.

This is were the automatic start up timer comes in handy.

Start Up Timer

Before going to bed, set the timer count down to the amount of hours you want the machine to turn on. This timer is only for "one time". You have to set this timer every evening. The machine does not have a built in clock. The maximum timer setting is for 8 hours though.

Shut Down Timer

You can program the machine to automatically turn off after a certain idling time. For example if you don't use the machine, have the Silvia turn off after 1 hour. This functionality can also be disabled.

Brewing Espresso

We find the Silvia Pro is much more forgiving on the grinder setting. It took us no time to dial in our first shot with a Baratza Vario. The shot timer on the PID is a great assist.

The temperature stability of the Silvia Pro ensures rich crema and perfect shot quality, every time.

The height adjustable cup platform allows for maximum 4.25" clearance, which is one of the largest among this category of machines.

The supplied double portafilter spout is the narrow 1.5" version. It is perfect for dispensing a shot into a single espresso cup.

Steam Function

You can turn the steam boiler on or off. On first start up, the steam boiler is off. Turn it on after the boilers have been automatically filled with water. Once you turn the steam boiler on, the Silvia will remember this and keep the steam boiler on, even after the machine has been turned off and on again.

The Factory Default for the steam boiler temperature is set to 122C and you want to increase this to 125C, which is the maximum. This will provide more power to create a vortex in a 20oz frothing pitcher.

We measured 1:20 min to foam 14oz of milk to 68C in a 20oz frothing pitcher.

The Silvia Pro comes with a 4 hole steam tip nozzle. It is the same as on the Rancilio commercial line. If you have difficulties creating your desired milk texture, try using the 1 hole steam tip, like the one from the classic Silvia. This will give you more steam velocity.

The steam wand is not a "none burn" or "cool touch" design. Wipe the steam wand with a wet cloth immediately after steaming up milk.

Hot Water Tap

The hot water for the tap on the Silvia comes from the steam boiler, just like on most dual boiler machines. The water is very hot and only works when the steam boiler is on and pressurized. Make it a habit to purge some water via the hot water tap every time you use the machine. This will re-circulate the water inside the steam boiler keeping the water clean.

If you use a lot of hot water, the steam boiler will loose pressure and you will have to wait for the boiler to refill and heat up again.


The Silvia Pro comes with all the necessary accessories and a BWT Bestsave M Water Tank Filter 100L.


  • Feature rich PID
  • Great temperature stability
  • Double Boiler (Steam and Brew simultaneously)
  • Great Price point for an Italian Made Stainless Steel Double Boiler Espresso Machine
  • Automatic back-flushing program (like the commercial product line)


  • No non burn steam wand
  • No dual pressure gauge


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