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Eversys - Cameo Super Automatic Espresso Machine Classic C'2

The next generation of espresso machine: Self adjusting grinders + top quality extraction + the full barista experience 

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Since the launch of its e'series in 2012, Eversys has developed a reputation for leading-edge quality, consistency, productivity and connectivity. The market views Eversys’ espresso quality as comparable to that produced by traditional equipment, which is praise indeed. Now Eversys is ready to launch the next range of machines, getting closer to its quest to produce equipment that can truly rival tradition by adding visual harmony to authenticity of products.

And, whilst the e’ Barista system provided a mirror to age old traditions of espresso making, the Cameo takes another step forward by enabling the barista to permeate each machine, infusing bespoke style as well as delivering amazing products.

The barista becomes the machine, therefore Cameo.

e'Barista System

Barista skills transferred into a machine

Being passionate about in-cup quality, Eversys has driven the boundaries of automated product delivery to the extreme. Short of being able to place a physical ‘Barista’ inside the machines, Eversys has dissected all of the key movements and functions associated to the making of leading edge products and assimilated them into an intelligent electronic interface.

The journey of the coffee bean mirrors that of the traditional route-electronic grinder adjustment, precision driven brewing, extraction optimization as well as thermo­dynamic integrity produce the quality, consistency and productivity that lead to sustainable profits.

1. Grinding

Eversys designed ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor, whose heat is cleverly channelled away from the coffee beans, to maintain their quality, via a set of fans. Electronic control maintains consistency of product throughout the day, ensuring optimal extraction at all times.

2. Tamping

A 24 -gram brewing chamber to facilitate single cycle large beverages is controlled by electronic tamping to guarantee consistent quality.

3. Temperature control

Dedicated coffee boilers, separate from the water/steam boiler, provide productivity and temperature control, essential parts of in-cup quality.

4. Brewing

Reverse gravity extraction vertical infusion optimizes powder efficiency as the espresso is produced.

5. Milk frothing

Milk is frothed with steam in the one step system, promoting flavour as well as texture, mirroring the Barista experience.

6. Dispensing

All products are pre-programmed to be dispensed in a consistent and efficient manner, placing seamless productivity and quality at the forefront of the customer experience.

The Benefits

Why choose an e'Barista™ System?

Barista Quality

The e`Barista system, rather than replacing baristas, elevates them to a super barista level by providing them with the ability to set up the core components of optimal in-cup quality, whilst letting the machine reproduce their creations, time after time.

Low Labour Cost

The e`Barista system optimises employee efficiency through ease of use as well as productivity. Moreover, skill level whilst always beneficial is not required in this instance, producing reduced labour costs as a result of lower training and operational efficiencies.


The Eversys range is built in modular format, enabling trained technical personnel to redress a malfunction through the simple exchange of modules, minimizing downtime and optimizing customer satisfaction.


Without compromise to in-cup quality, the Eversys range also promotes high productivity. In fact, the Eversys produces a market-leading amount of beverages per square centimeter of space.


The Eversys range of machines optimises space through its patented brewing system. Ranging from 28 – 84 cms, the range can produce between 175 – 525 products per hour, whilst respecting the established market norms of extraction.

No compromise

Eversys offers a range of products without compromise. Key performance indicators such as in-cup quality, ergonomics, productivity, downtime, remote access and intuitive user interface form and intrinsic part of all of the machines.


Once the flavour profiles and recipes have been professionally established, the e´Barista system reproduces them effortlessly through electronic control and adjustment of the grinder and powder quantity.

Telemetry "Pull"

e’Connect™ enables all stakeholders to have transparency on key parameters of the machines. Ranging from hourly/daily/monthly productivity, technical performance and drinks profiles, the machines can provide key management information in real time in “push” or “pull” format.


One of the most difficult tasks in the production of milk- based products is the frothing of milk. With e’foam, Eversys introduce both steam and air to produce the microfoam sought after by leading Barista. The operator can then focus on latte art display, in the secure knowledge that the foam will be of premium texture and taste.


Touch pad simplicity means that training and utilisation are done through intuitive navigation, seemlessly moving through the various screens and programme keys.Also, once a machine has been programmed, all parameters can be saved and utilised to program all further equipment.

Telemetry "Push"

Having the ability to modify machine parameters remotely will drive the costs of maintenance downwards as well as minimise downtime.

e'clean™ (patent pending)

Most employees do not like cleaning after a long working shift. Eversys machines can store one month’s worth of cleaning tablets, dispensed daily through a laser guided automatic distribution unit. This ensures that health and safety rules are maintained as well as safeguarding the machine’s optimum performance.


Authentic taste & lines

The global coffee market is rapidly evolving – customers are driven by quality as well as diversity and the choice of products has become an extension of the individual. Branding is no longer determined by products but, rather, by personal choice.

Cameo embraces this new dawn by providing an aesthetic line associated with tradition, a symbol of authenticity as well as quality.

Classic detail reflecting old age coffee traditions.

New captive touch screen facilitates user interface.

A lower chassis promotes greater customer engagement. Traditional ‘C’ shape to harmonize aesthetics and taste.

Integrated cup heater with a 50-cup capacity to optimize space.

The Technology

How it works

Eversys equipment is built in modules, ensuring rapid technical intervention and minimal downtime.


1. Grinder module

Eversys designed ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor. Electronic grinder adjustment as well as control throughout the day. Ventilation drives out unwanted heat.

2. Brewing module (patented)

The unique reverse gravity vertical brewing system ensures optimal extraction and therefore in-cup quality.

3. Hydraulic module

Dedicated to the sole production of coffee, 1.6 litres of water guarantee productivity.

4. Steam/water boiler

5.6 - 8.0 litres provide temperature consistency and unsurpassed productivity.

5. Milk module (patent pending)

Milk is frothed by steam - like a traditional barista - through a set of reactors, ensuring optimal texture and taste.

Key Features

  • The c’2 Cameo is ideal in environments where quality and design combine with authenticity and price.
  • Make two products at the same time
  • e’ Foam, with Micro Air Dosing (MAD) system
  • Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system with heating/steaming module
  • e’FOAM SYSTEM - The Eversys' improved Foam system provides a 2-step barista 
solution. This generation of e'Foam allows you to texture the milk by product type. This is done through the Micro AirDosing (MAD) system controlled electronically,
 using the screen's steam wheel selector.
  • NEW HOT WATER OPTION - The new hot water option offers variable temperatures. The new Variable Tea Temperature (VTT) system allows you to adjust the temperature for any kind of tea, to provide a perfect infusion, using the screen’s hot water wheel selector.
  • BARISTA MILK STYLE - Today's multiple milk recipes require variable milk textures. With Eversys' new Electronic Milk Texturing (EMT) system it is possible to create individual milk foams and textures.
  • e’CONNECT TECHNOLOGY - This leading-edge telemetry system allows you to track and process live data from anywhere in the world, to control consistency and performance, ensuring transparency, optimise service maintenance and generate statistics. Eversys can provide dashboards to enable you to converge data into simple reporting.
SKU EversysCameoClassicC2
Weight 80.00 lbs
Boiler Style Boiler
Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Design Double Boiler
Brew Group Capacity (gr.) 24 gram
Removable Brew Group Yes
Brew Strength Control Adjustable Dial
Programmable Buttons
Grinder Material Steel
Grinder Features 2 Grinder and By-Pass
Grinder Adjustment Settings Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity (gr./oz.) 250 / 8
Brew Volume Control Programmable Buttons
Maximum Brew Volume Programmable
Pre-Infusion Options Programmable
Programmable Temperature Yes
Number of Product Buttons 8
Automatic Cleaning Cycle Yes
Display Type LCD Display
Display Messages and programming features Water Tank Status
Bean Hopper Status
Grounds Container Status
Cleaning Status
Descaling Status
Product Counters
Programmable Brew Strength
Programmable Brew Volume
Programmable Brew Temperature
Pre-Infusion on/off
Water Filter Status
Energy Saver
Water Hardness Adjustment
Automatic Off
Programmable Hot Water
Programmable Foam Output
Cleaning Cycle
Descaling Cycle
Steam Method Auto Frother only
Steam Generation Simultaneous Steam
Steam Delay Time
Steaming Time to steam 8oz. of milk to 72C (160F)
Automatic Milk Circuit Cleaning Yes
Automatic Milk System Flush/Purge Yes
1-Step Cappuccino Yes
Disposible Frother No
Cup Warmer No
Adjustable Spout Yes
Maximum Cup Height(Inches)
Water Supply Plumbed-In
Water Tank Capacity (lt./oz.)
Integrated Water Filter Cartridge System No
Cup Illumination No
Number of Pumps 1
Swivel Base No
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Material ABS Plastic
Drip Tray Grid Stainless Steel
Adjustable Drip Tray No
What is in the Box
Dimensions(HxWxD) (in./mm) 580x430x600mm
Voltage (Volt) 110V
Power (Watt) Machine ON: 3.0 kW to 8.3 kW / Standby mode: Less than 2 W
Colour Black & Silver
Weight (Kg) 63
Country of Manufacture Switzerland
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