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Espresso Planet 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Espresso Planet 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!
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Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for the best gift ideas for the coffee lovers in your life this season!


The Holiday season is in full swing and you need some gift ideas! Luckily you have found the Espresso Planet Gift Guide, here to help you find the perfect gift for the coffee lover, the person-who-has-everything or just about anyone else in your life. We have something for everyone and all budgets! Happy shopping!


Stocking Stuffers - Under $50

KeepCup - $11.95 - 36.95

A perfect gift for a coffee-to-go drinker. These high quality, barista approved cups are durable, easy to use and wash, and come in a huge range of colours and sizes. Warning: they can be highly addictive, and you may end up convincing yourself you NEED one of every size.

Dear Coffee Buyer: A Guide To Sourcing Green Coffee Book - $49.95

Whether you’re buying for a coffee roaster or a coffee enthusiast, this informative, well written and engaging book gives a great explanation of the coffee buying process, plus has tons of pictures, colour diagrams and illustrations.

Joe Frex Drip Kettle - $33.90

This hidden gem is one of the best value drip kettles on the market. Perfect for pour over, Aeropress, French Press and Tea brewing, the fine spout and comfortable handle gives you a controlled and consistent pour.

Aeropress Manual Brew Coffee Maker - $39.95

Since 2005 the Aeropress has been a classic manual brew method beloved by both professionals and home brewers alike for it simplicity, taste, and brew quality. Combining the immersion brewing of French Press, the paper filtering of pour over and a pressurized extraction like espresso, the Aeropress creates a truly unique brewing environment that creates an amazing cup of coffee.

Bodum Canteen Glasses - $39.95 - 59.95

The newest style of Bodum Doublewalled Glasses, the Canteen line, has an elegant and modern profile that can fit into just about any style of home. With the double walled design your drink stays hot or cold for longer, while providing a buffer for the hand from the drink’s temperature. Plus, a latte made in these glasses looks pretty great.

Bodum Chambord French Press - $46.71

A great manual brew method for people who entertain or just want to brew higher volumes, a larger French Press like the Bodum Chambord combines smart design with a rich immersion brew for a long beloved taste.

Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker - $49.99

Make your own cold brew at home! A perfect gift in anticipation of drinking cold brew on hot summer days (because when are we not anticipating summer!), this kit gives you everything you need to make your own small batch cold brew at home, so you can enjoy this trendy drink anytime and for less!


Gifts between $50 - $200

Bialetti Moka 6 Cup Stove Top - $53.99

The stovetop espresso maker is originator in the home espresso world and it has lasted this long for a reason. A simple, fast and tasty way to quickly make espresso at home with a tiny countertop footprint and easy clean up. Plus, these makers last for decades!

Airscape Ceramic White 64oz Coffee Canister - $53.95

Bean freshness is one of the biggest factors needed for a perfect coffee, and also one of the biggest dilemmas. The Airscape solves this problem with its completely vacuum sealed lid and second top lid made of bamboo, for added air tightness and style.

Bonavita Gooseneck Variable Kettle 1L - $139.99

The industry standard for drip kettles! Perfect pour spout, quick heat up time, and variable temperature, allowing you to set an exact temperature and keep hold it, making sure you can have a consistent pour for the full duration of you brew.

Handpresso Sets - $116.10 - 224.10

Coffee to go has a whole new meaning with Handpresso Portable Espresso Makers. Perfect for the traveling coffee lover or the outdoorsy coffee lover!

Caffitaly S07 Single Serve Espresso Machine - $129.99

The Italian capsule system Caffitaly gives you delicious espresso in seconds and tons of variety in capsule flavour profile. The S07 has a compact and sleek design and is a breeze to use, a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Breville The Milk Cafe

Breville The Milk Café - $169.99

Automatically froths milk and automatically turns off when the desired temperature is achieved, dishwasher safe and easy to clean, plus it can do hot and cold frothing. Might just be the perfect versatile frother!

Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother

Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother - $99.99

This super fast, super compact, frother works perfectly as a companion for Nespresso capsule machines and just as perfectly on its own! Easy to use, with just one button and exchangeable whisks for different milk textures (and they can be stored in the base!)

Baratza Encore

Baratza Encore - $189

The wildly popular home grinder that has become the standard for home baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Perfect to accompany starter espresso machines and manual brew methods, the Encore is built to last like the tried and tested Baratza name suggests, and is easy to use, with a pulse button and 40 grind settings.

KItchnaid Glass Tea Kettle

KitchenAid Glass Tea Kettle - $179.99

Thanks to 5 temperature presets and an integrated infuser, this kettle is the tea lover’s dream. It’s fast, quiet and even has an adjustable warming setting so you can continue to enjoy your tea at the perfect temperature.

Hario Syphon 600ml - $128.98

The perfect gift for the manual brew pro or the coffee hobbyist! Feel like a coffee scientist and use this traditional brew method that is seen by many professionals as the cleanest, richest brews around.

Illy Maurizio Galimberti Art Collection Cups

Illy Art Collection Cups - $72 +

illy’s annual artist collaborations are well known and well loved and this year’s group are no exception; Max Petrone and Maurizio Galimberti offer vastly different styles to suit pretty much any taste.


$200 - 500

Technivorm Moccamaster Red

Technivorm Moccamaster Coffee Brewers - $389.00 - 474.00

These handcrafted Dutch coffee makers are SCAA and Barista approved thanks to their optimal coffee brewing design which includes a unique spray arm, basket design and precision heating element. Drip coffee made luxurious.

Motif Thermal Elements Coffee Brewer

Motif Thermal Elements Coffee Brewer - $269.10

Motif brewers are designed by coffee experts to bring café quality coffee to your kitchen. The Elements series features programmable temperature, pre-infusion for blooming an the best flavour and a thoughtful design to fit into any home.

Bonavita BV1902DW Coffee Brewer

Bonavita BV1902DW Coffee Brewer - $247.99

Bonavita is one of the most trusted brands in home drip coffee thanks to the undeniable consistent and delicious brews that millions of people have made with these makers. The BV1902DW features a programmable timer, perfect brewing temperature, uniform ground saturation and a beautiful glass carafe.

Acaia Pearl Scale Black

Acaia Pearl Scale Black or White -  $219 - 229

A barista favourite for both the café and home, the Acaia Pearl Scale gives accurate weight up to 0.1g, has a built in timer, and has a durable and stylishly minimal design. Buy this for the barista in your life and they’ll love you forever, trust us.


$500 - 1500

Saeco Incanto

Incanto Saeco Super Automatic Espresso Machine - $999.00

This compact espresso machine gives you delicious espresso to your taste with just 1 button. Adjust grind settings, heat up quickly and froth milk in minutes.

Philips Saeco 2100

Philips 2100 Super Automatic Espresso Machines - $569

Press just 1 button on the Philips 2100 and you are given a thick and delicious cappuccino at home. This machine is truly the perfect gift; under $1000, super easy to use, and a compact size that doesn’t compromise taste or function.

illy X1 iperEspresso Anniversary

illy X1 iperEspresso Anniversary 1935 Machine in Black, Silver and Red - $549 - 649

This retro style harkens back to illy’s original machine style from 1935! It uses the illy iperEspresso Capsule System to bring you long beloved illy coffee with ease.

Breville Barista Touch

Breville Barista Touch Semi Automatic Espresso Machine - $1,279.99

For the budding barista! Learn the basics of manual espresso and specialty drink making with this incredibly powerful and easy to use machine. The Barista Touch has an integrated grinder, perfects milk specific milk texturing and can switch from semi-automated brewing to complete manual control easily and all through the touch screen!

Breville Bambino

Breville Bambino Semi Automatic Espresso Machine - $549.99

It only takes 3 seconds to heat up the newest espresso machine from Breville and that’s a big deal. No more waiting means this small but powerful machine is the perfect for a busy morning or impromptu after dinner espresso, while losing none of the deliciousness.

Fiorenzato F4E Nano V2

Fiorenzato F4E Nano V2 Electronic Espresso Grinder in Black, Chrome, and White - $779 - 849

Time for a grinder upgrade! The F4E pairs beautifully with any manual home espresso machine and offers speed, precise stepless grind adjustment and a touch screen in a compact and sturdy design.



Delonghi Prima Donna

Delonghi Prima Donna Super Automatic Espresso Machine - $2,499.99

Make all of your favourite specialty coffee drinks at home with one touch. With its removable carafe, you can just pop it into the machine and enjoy your drink your way, quickly with no mess.

Jura S8 Moonlight

Jura S8 Moonlight - $2,999.00

Premium Jura quality for your home. This machine is nearly commercial grade but features a smaller size and price point than the popular Jura GIGA Professional series. A touch screen, customizable and programmable drinks, and beautiful frothing make this machine the perfect home super automatic espresso machine.

Lelit Bianca

Lelit Bianca Traditional Espresso Machine - $3,295.00

With equally matched looks and quality, the Bianca is one of the most exciting new manual machines on the market. With a unique paddle that allows for pressure control during extraction, a dual boiler, 3 pressure gauges, temperature control and moveable water tank, this machines truly delivers, and that’s not even mentioning the gorgeous wooden finishes.

Izzo Vivi

Izzo Vivi Traditional Espresso Machine - $2,495.00

Make café quality espresso at home with this robust but tiny machine. Featuring a handy shot timer, PID, E61 commercial group head, and temperature control, you’ll be surprised when you remember you’re at home and not at your favourite local café.


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