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ECM Premium Bottomless Stainless Steel Portafilter with Ergonomically Angled Grip (GranCrema) - # 89476

Get the perfect shot with the Angled Grip Bottomless Portafilter! Now with a deeper basket holder.

Comes with a 21gr filter basket 

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The ECM Bottomless Portafilter has no spout which allows you to monitor your shot's quality while it extracts. The bottomless design allows you to look for channeling and see that you get a smooth and consistent single stream - the best way to pull a shot!

Ideally, every particle of the ground espresso should be of the same size, and when compressed or tamped into the portafilter basket, it should likewise have no differences in how tightly or loosely it is compressed from side to side or top to bottom. Although perfection in this regard is impossible, a Bottomless Portafilter can help identify things such as channeling, blonding, tiger striping, among other things.

  • Channeling is when the water finds its way through cracks or small inconsistencies in the coffee “puck”. This means that the coffee gets an uneven extraction, producing an inferior shot of espresso. Common causes are an uneven tamp, or too much coffee (referred to as overdosing).
  • Blonding in the shot can happen when the coffee is being under extracted, causing an off-taste. Although this is expected near the last part of the shot (and a cue to think about ending the shot), blonding should not occur during the majority of the shot.
  • Tiger Stripes that are uniform are usually a good sign, as long as most of the stripes are medium to dark in color and the pour time is not too quick or slow; most agree a 2 ounce double should run about 22-30 seconds. Always let taste be your ultimate authority.
  • Also having multiple smaller streams coming straight down instead of one unified stream can also be a sign of channeling. And assuming your machine is perfectly level, even a unified stream that is off to one side can indicate side-channeling. A perfect extraction will not exhibit any of this behavior. And of course, the perfect looking shot can tell the Barista that his technique is probably fine. Of course, we all know no matter how good the shot looks, it still has to taste good.

The Bottomless Portafilter can let the Barista see exactly what is happening under the hood. Channeling can be identified by “spurters” and “geysers”. This is where the espresso sprays out in small (or large) jet-like streams at varying angles.

More Benefits of a Bottomless Portafilter:

  • More consistent shots
  • Up to 50% more crema because of the direct access to the cup from the extraction process
  • Better taste with more crema, cleaner taste thanks to less interaction with metal
  • The perfect barista training tool


  • The ECM Bottomless Angled Portafilter is 58mm in diameter and made from Stainless Steel
  • This 58mm bottomless portafilter is compatible with all ECM espresso machines. 
  • It features a angeled handle with a weighted end for balance. 
  • Each portafilter ships with a triple shot basket.
  • To accentuate the aesthetics of your ECM espresso machine, the handles are made from smooth and glossy bakelite plastic.
  • 58mm in Diameter
  • Fits Triple Shot Baskets up to 13 cm in height / Increases Cup Clearance by Approximately 1"
SKU 89476
Weight 5.00 lbs
Size 58mm
Bottom Style Bottomless
Basket Size Triple / 3 Cup
Ridge Ridged
ECM Premium Bottomless Stainless Steel Portafilter with Ergonomically Angled Grip - 89476
ECM Premium Bottomless Stainless Steel Portafilter with Ergonomically Angled Grip - 89476
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