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Compak Cube Tamp Electronic Automatic Coffee Tamper Press - White

Compak Cube Tamp Electronic Automatic Coffee Tamper Press - White w/ p.Aluminum

Consistent tamping, flat and without residue. Its small size makes it ideal for coffee shops that want optimal extraction while saving space. Compatible with most filter holders on the market. Please contact us to make sure this Tamper works for your Portafilter. Send us a picture of your portafilter.

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Maximize Consistency & Improve Extraction

Whether you’re a home barista or working in a busy cafe, you have one thing in common, the number of variables that contribute to a great shot of espresso. One of the critical variables in tamping, a seemingly simple action of compacting coffee, can have detrimental effects on your coffee if done incorrectly.

How To Use

The Compak Cube automatic tamper is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It’s one of the best automatic tampers for espresso on the market today. Its unique design fits right in with the look of the Compak, as well as other espresso grinders. To tamp your coffee, insert your portafilter filled with your freshest coffee into the portafilter forks. The blue induction sensor auto recognizes your portafilter and quickly tamps at the precise pressure perfectly level!

Changing the Tamper Head

One of the unique features of the Compak Cube automatic tamper is it’s easy to change tamper heads. On the Compak Cube, the tamper head is effortless to change without using any tools, just your two hands!

All of the tamping heads have an anti-static mirror-polished finish that prevents grind contamination while also making it easier to clean.

Adjusting the Portafilter Fork

The Cube is entirely hands-free. Your portafilter rests on a very sturdy cast aluminum portafilter fork. Throughout the entire tamping process, you never have to touch the portafilter until you’re ready to brew. Adjusting the portafilter fork on the Compak Cube Automatic Tamper can be done quickly by just loosening, or tightening, the screw underneath the forks towards the back of the machine.

Raise the Portafilter Fork

If you loosen the screw to the left, or counterclockwise the portafilter fork will raise and shorten the space between the forks and the tamper head.

Lower the Portafilter Fork

If you tighten the screw to the right or clockwise, the portafilter fork will raise and shorten the space between the forks and the tamper head.

Tamping Pressure

Traditionally the general rule of thumb is that the tamping pressure should be around thirty-pounds of pressure. The repeated stress of tamping at 30lbs of pressure in a cafe creates stress on the joints, and if you’re experiencing issues related to joint pain already, this can assuredly put you out of making a great coffee.

With the Compak Cube automatic tamper, you can adjust the pressure from 10kg to 30kg (22lbs to 66lbs) easily. The touchscreen is incredibly easy to use and has a similar feel to the Compak grinders like the Compak E5. You can also switch the unit of measure from kilograms to pounds.

Easy Cleaning Mode

The Compak Cube automatic tamper does need to be cleaned in a cafe daily, at home, probably weekly. Cleaning the Compak Cube doesn’t require much effort, if any, with the Compak Cube’s automatic cleaning mode.

To initiate the automatic cleaning process on the Compak Cube, it’s very similar to how you would tamp your coffee. There is one difference between tamping and cleaning, though; just press the ‘Clean’ button. After pressing the ‘Clean’ button, the tamper will lower the tamping head for approximately ten seconds.

Key Features

  • Adjustable tamping pressure from 10 to 30 kg (22-66 lb.)
  • Measure unit selection (Kg/lb.)
  • Portafilter holder adjustable height to fit all types of portafilters.

Electronic Features

  • Automatic cleaning mode
  • OLED display with touchpad
  • Enlightened tamping area

SKU CompakCubeWhite53
Base Size 53mm
Base Type Flat
Calibrated Yes
Compak Cube Tamp Electronic Automatic Coffee Tamper Press - White
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