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Barrie House Espresso Roast Fair Trade Organic Whole Bean - 2lb

Dark Roast

Tasting Notes: Caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, smooth, sweet, robust.

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You know that there is nothing like an authentic Italian espresso. It can be hard to recreate this iconic coffee drink at home, especially if you do not source the right coffee. Look no further than our Espresso Roast, our darkest and richest roast - this rare and exotic blend of premium Arabica coffee beans from Asia and the Americas creates an intense and creamy cup. Roasted for a longer time, past the second crack, our Espresso Roast has a toasted and deeper flavor. Because of the longer roast times, it removes a lot of the acidity while releasing more of the oils. This provides a heavy, full mouthfeel.

Sourcing The Finest Beans

Coffee is traditionally grown 1,500 miles north and south of the equator between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. This is known as the “Coffee Belt” or the “Bean Belt” and that is where Barrie House sources the finest, Fair Trade Organic coffee beans from around the world. Everything from the chemistry of the soil, the weather, the amount of rainfall and sunshine, and even the precise altitude at which the coffee grows can affect the taste of the final product. Like wine that can come from different varieties of grapes, coffee can come from different varieties of trees and cherries. Coffee that is grown higher and drier will taste more acidic while coffee grown lower, and wetter will be more earthy.

How The Coffee is Roasted

Because coffee can differ by variety, elevation, and processing, all coffee cannot be roasted the same. Because of this, the roast is the most important part of producing a really good coffee. Like all great family secrets, the art of roasting our specialty coffee has been passed down from one generation to the next. For over 80 years, we have carefully selected, blended, roasted, and packed what we believe is the world’s finest coffee. We roast our premium coffee beans in vintage roasters with a novel drum design. This allows for better airflow and reduces the risk of over-roasting, which can cause a burnt flavor. Different compounds are developed during this roasting process at different times. By controlling the chemical reactions taking place in the bean during the roast, we can change or determine the flavors in the final cup!

Dark Roasts – Our Dark roast coffees have (obviously) been roasted longer than other types, resulting in a darker bean and a more full-bodied taste. This longer roast time curbs bright flavors and reduces the caffeine, so dark roast coffee is often less sour and more bitter than a lighter roast

Blending – Prior to roasting, our roast masters carefully blend the roasted beans to achieve the desired flavor profile. Once locked in, we duplicate that flavor profile for each of our unique Estate blends perfectly, every time.

Weight 2.00 lbs
Origin Blend
Roast Location Imported
Roast Type Dark (French Roast)
Usage Espresso
Organic Yes
Barrie House Espresso Roast Fair Trade Organic Whole Bean - 2lb
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