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Anfim Milano CODY II Burr Espresso Grinder - Black

Anfim Milano - CODY II Burr Grinder, 64mm SS burrs, Black
On demand display, stepless grind adjustment, & acitivation Swtich for portafilter

Model # CODYII-110-B-ST-UL

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The CODY II features 64 mm flat steel burrs (with titanium coated burrs available on request), two programmable timed settings with 0.1 s precision, a manual pulsed grinding button, and excellent grind quality for the tastiest espresso. 

The CODY II features super easy stepless worm gear adjustment for precise tuning of your grind, and a convenient short 1 lb shut-off hopper up top. The adjustable portafilter forks are easy to set up, and the portafilter button for timed dosing is interruptable, meaning you can grind a bit, groom, then go back to finish up your dose. This is an extremely barista-friendly grinder, with easy-to-use features and great quality in the cup - and the compact size and short hopper also make it an excellent home espresso grinder.


  • Two easy-to-set programmable timed doses
  • Bright LCD display, Multifunction control display & control unit
  • Interruptable grinding with portafilter fork switch
  • Pulsed/manual grinding button near base
  • Electronic shot counter
  • Electronic shot timer for single & double shot
  • 1 lb (0.5 kg) hopper with shutoff
  • 64 mm flat steel burrs (upgrade to TiN coated available)
  • Stepless worm gear adjustment
  • Grind speed: 1-2 g/s, 800 RPM
  • Dosing accuracy: +-1 gram
  • Duty Cycle 6 sec on/ 60 sec off
  • Power: 120 V AC, 450 W
  • Grinding Capacity: 3-4 lbs/days
  • Grind time for a Single Espresso: 4.2 Sec

What's in the box:

  • Anfim CODY II Espresso Grinder with 1 lb shut-off hopper
  • Grinds tray
  • Instruction manual
  • Grinder brush
Weight 32.00 lbs
UPC 651137495216
Manufacturer Item Number 651137495216
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Grinding Mechanism Flat Burr
Grinder Material High Grade - Stainless Steel
Timed Grind Yes
Automatic Doser Fill No
Doser Doserless
Dosing Mechanism Portafilter Push Switch
Grind Adjustor Stepless
Anti-Static Device Yes
Colour Black
Ground Coffee Capacity(gr./oz.) N/A
Bean Hopper Capacity(gr./oz.) 1lb
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labour
What's In The Box
Country of Manufacture Italy
Dimensions in millimetres (WxHxD) 195 x 435 x 370mm
Dimensions in inches (WxHxD) 7.7 in W x 17.3 in H x 14.2 in D (with grinds catch attached)
Weight(KGS) 14.5
Power 250 W
Burr Diameter 64mm
Grinder Speed 800 RPM
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Benoit Lamarche
Feb 17, 2020
Burrs: They look like very normal steel 64mm burrs, but the design is some kind of special (design I often see on SSP reds), and the design is clearly something that affect the grind quality a lot on this grinder. The initial alignment was near perfect: in fact, I didn't touch anything and decided to inspect/adjust after the break in period.

On demand modes: This is something huge on this grinder. The fork button is...present ? Lol. You push the button associated to the single/double dose with the allowed time you programmed for it, insert the portafilter and start the grinding process. You can remove the portafilter, level a bit and put it back to resume the grinding process, and the delay before cancelling the dosing process is programmable. I've found +/- 0.5g differences using this mode. Or, you can select to cancel the fork button, and to initiate the grinding process by pushing on the single/double dose button. If you select this mode, interruption is not possible (you can cancel/stop the process), so you can't pause to level and resume. Then, you have a seperate button on the bottom left of the grinder for manual grinding. I use it mainly for purge cycle or topping my dose as desired. Everything for any routine/workflow is available, is working with a +/- 0.5g consistency and it is ok for me.

Portafilter holder: The height of the fork is adjustable. My single, double and naked portafilters fits perfectly and are able to activate the button. The top (fixed) part of the holder is also made with a round shape to accomodate a funnel or tumbler, which is very nice: I am able to sit my shaker in place without holding it and initiate the grinding process (i've found the ''single/double button grinding mode'' perfect for this).

LCD screen: Tiny, but work as intended and easy to navigate/use. You can adjust the brightness. The location might sound weird (it is...) and not very convenient (it is a PITA), but they decided to put the chute closer to the grinding chamber/burrs to have a more direct path to reduce retention and, IMO, this is a freaking good idea instead of a nice large LCD screen.

Bottom grind tray: Very nice, but very irrelevant at the same time: the grinding process is so clean that you won't have any grounds anywhere. But you can sit a funnel/shaker/scale lol !

Hopper: The hopper can take 1 pound of beans (very flush). It might be something interesting if footprint is important for you (17 inches height, including the hopper), and there is a sliding trap to open/close the path to the grinding chamber. The hopper is pure shit for one reason: you have to unscrew three nuts to remove the hopper with the base to access the grinding chamber. This is something I don't mind, but if you switch beans often (you are ready to remove the hopper, purge, swap beans, install hopper) or you clean the grinding very often, this is a bugger. My initial tests/usage made me fuck with internals/cleaning very often and I was like ''SERIOUSLY ?!''. I will mod this major inconvenient with some cap screws that I can be screwed/unscrewed by hand without needing a socket.

Speed: Slow. This is irrelevant in a home environment, but I just don't understand how they can consider this grinder as a commercial small volume cafe. I don't care, it is not something important for me, but be ready to a 1.5g/second with this one. For me, it is a number for an irrelevant spec, but it is worth to mention. My Mahlkonigs were throwing 20g in 4 seconds lol...

Noise: Ok. Not outstanding like ''wow, this is quiet !'' or ''what the fuck is happening in the kitchen ?!''. I would say it is on the quiet side for home grinders and on the louder side for commercial grinders. Without grinding beans (not under load) it is very impressive tho, so if you plan to grind some air you will be surprised.

Vibrations: There is a small ''kick'' when initiatiing the grinding process (you can feel it if you hold the grinder with your hands), but the grinder doesn't move on the counter. When in movement, it is very smooth (impressive I would say ?) without any rattle, vibration or anything.

Grind quality: Don't get me wrong here: I pray by burrs design, burrs alignment and internal parts tolerances/durability. I've owned/played with Ceado, Mahlkonig, Mazzer, Eureka, Fiorenzato and Compak grinders: the grind quality of this one is outstanding. Period. Right out of the box, I had a very even grind (I was able to grind way much finer than usual, the pour over brews reveals barely no fines), nice extractions (bottomless/refractometer tests), an incredible fluffy grind and not a single spritzer or channeling issues. The initial 2-3 pounds revealed a lot of retention and minor clumping, but after 5-6 pounds everything went back to normal. This is a grind/level/tamp grinder: forget shaking, swirling, WDT or whatever.

Taste: Layered, ''in your face'', well defined notes. I've found my lighter roasts to be

Advantages: Grind Quality
On demand modes
Portafilter/funnel/shaker holder
Build to last

Disadvantages: Hopper
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