illy Iper

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illy iper espresso coffee capsules system for illy Francis Francis espresso machines only.

Click here to buy Illy iper espresso capsules

  • Francis Francis! X7.1 for Illy iper Espresso Capsule Machine

  • Price: CA$249.00

  • RRP: CA$299.00
    save 17%
  • Francis Francis! Y1.1 for Illy iper capsules Espresso Machine

  • Price: CA$199.00

  • RRP: CA$249.00
    save 20%
  • Francis Francis! Y3 for Illy Iperespresso

  • Price: CA$229.00

  • RRP: CA$239.00
    save 4%

Hi Crystal

Thanks for the email and nice to learn the shipping costs have been reduced.

I hope Supramatic appreciates what extraordinary ambassadors you and Theresa are for the company. Your level of service is not common anymore, in this technological age, when we usually end up talking to automated voices. If you had the time to give me the name of the head of Supramatic I'd like to pass on my appreciation to him or her as well. Thanks again for your help Crystal.

Best regards

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