illy IperEspresso

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illy iperEspresso coffee capsules system for illy Francis Francis espresso machines only.

Click here to buy Illy iperEspresso capsules

  • Francis Francis! X7.1 for Illy iperEspresso Capsule Machine

  • Price: CA$299.00

  • Francis Francis! Y1.1 for Illy iperEspresso capsules Espresso Machine

  • Price: CA$249.00

  • Francis Francis! Y3 for Illy Iperespresso

  • Price: CA$229.00

  • Francis Francis! Y5 for Illy Iperespresso Black

  • Price: CA$279.00

  • Francis Francis! Y5 for Illy Iperespresso Satin SPECIAL EDITION

  • Price: CA$279.00

Hi there, I visited Espresso Planet for the first time today. I work in the area and Googled where I could buy a French press and your store came up.

I have to say, the person that helped me was extremely nice and knowledgeable. I really felt like he went out of his way to help and he made it a nice experience.

I didn't spend much, but after getting back to my office with some freshly ground beans, I had a lot of people asking where I got them and I passed on the great experience I had. I hope they get a chance to stop by your store too.

A satisfied customer.

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