Kitchen Wares

  • 7g Plastic Doser Scoop

  • Price: CA$3.75

  • 7g Stainless Steel Doser Scoop

  • Price: CA$6.50

  • ADE Slim Digital Kitchen Scale

  • Price: CA$44.00

  • Bonavita BonVoyage Travel Kettle

  • Price: CA$37.99

  • RRP: CA$42.99
    save 12%
  • Bonavita Digital Scale with Drip Tray and Dripper Stand

  • Price: CA$109.99

  • RRP: CA$129.99
    save 15%
  • Bonavita Drip Tray BV5000DR

  • Price: CA$19.99

  • Bonavita Electric 1.0 L Gooseneck Kettle

  • Price: CA$65.99

  • RRP: CA$75.99
    save 13%
  • Bonavita Electronic Scale BV2000SC

  • Price: CA$89.99

  • Bonavita Immersion Porcelain Coffee Dripper

  • Price: CA$39.99

  • RRP: CA$43.99
    save 9%
  • Bonavita Non-Electric 1.0 L Gooseneck Kettle

  • Price: CA$44.99

  • Bonavita Porcelain Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand

  • Price: CA$49.99

  • RRP: CA$53.99
    save 7%
  • Bonavita Porcelain V Style Dripper #2

  • Price: CA$21.99

  • RRP: CA$23.99
    save 8%
  • Bonavita Porcelain V Style Dripper #4

  • Price: CA$24.99

  • RRP: CA$31.99
    save 22%
  • Bonavita Pour Over Coffee Dripper Stand BV5000DTLS

  • Price: CA$39.99

  • Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric 1.0 L Gooseneck Kettle

  • Price: CA$99.99

  • RRP: CA$113.99
    save 12%
  • Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric 1.7 L Kettle

  • Price: CA$76.99

  • RRP: CA$89.99
    save 14%
  • BWT 2.7L Mg2+ Longlife Water Filter Pitcher

  • Price: CA$39.95

  • BWT Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 3 Pack

  • Price: CA$29.99

  • Capresso H2O Pro programmable water kettle

  • Price: CA$99.00

  • Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover

  • Price: CA$6.50

Full array of items. I wanted the Freiling thermal French coffee press as I liked its all-stainless steel (no plastic whatsoever) design. Ordered online with free expedited Canada Post shipping (cheaper than anywhere else, including and let me know it would be delayed a day or 2 which is outstanding, personalized customer service.They were spot on! It arrived exactly as anticipated in perfect condition.Would order again from EP in a heartbeat

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