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Espresso Maker under $200

Espresso Maker under $200
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Synopsis: There are a few basic components to brewing an excellent espresso - The espresso makers in this article range from $299.00 - $60.00.

Espresso Maker under $200

There are a few basic components to brewing an excellent espresso.

1.)    Very hot water

2.)    Brewing under pressure

3.)    Freshly ground coffee

There are many machines on the market that can produce a great cup of espresso for under or close to $200.00.

Here is a list of our favourite machines for the budget espresso set-up:

1.) Krups XP2240 Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee Maker ($299)

Although this coffee maker is $299 it offers espresso and regular drip coffee all in one!

2.) Saeco Via Veneto Espresso Machine ($230)

This machine is $230 and offers you a thermoblock heating system, the right brewing pressure for optimal crema and flavor extraction and is the least expensive semi-automatic espresso machine we offer.

3.) Handpresso Wild DomePod portable espresso maker (or ESE) ($109-99)

The Handpresso is the smallest portable espresso maker on the market. Aggressively priced at $109 you can make great espresso anywhere! Pump it up like a bicycle pump and you are ready to brew under 9 BARs!

      4.) Bialetti 4 Cup Brikka Coffeemaker ($61.39)

The Bialetti Brikka stove-top espresso maker is unique because it uses a system to increase the amount of pressure you are brewing your espresso under. More pressure means more crema.  

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